Al Omran

“Developing Projects with Excellence and Integrity from Concept to Completion”

Meet The Alomran Team

We have a strong record of working closely with our clients to meet thair requirements on time.

Key strengths of Al Omran


Al Omran is a Libyan and Uk based company. The company’s main objective is to assist Libya in the building of world-class infrastructure by applying its expertise in planning, design and construction management.

The company will be a catalyst for inward investment into Libya through its joint venture partnerships.

The Al Omran team has a strong record of working closely with local and international investors and developers delivering high-quality services. Always ready to partner companies and investors interested in realising the New Libya.

Al Omran Impact Investment Fund’s Management

Al Omran Impact investments aims to bring about positive outcomes for people, communities and society as a whole, as well as providing a healthy financial returns for investors. We provides professional services in the management of impact investing funds, third parties oversight, distribution strategy implementation, financial control and reporting, asset management, social impact measurement and reporting, legal assistance and customized services.

Set Up of Impact Investing Funds: thanks to the umbrella fund structure, within al Omran fund, it is possible to set-up many sub impact investing funds following different investment stragegies or focused on varius geographical areas. Our experienced team always proposes the best possible option at competitive costs and time-to-market.


Amar Libya Fund (ALF)

The Libya government will have to spend hundreds of Billions of US dollars for a new infrastructure development programmes opportunities. The various real estate, infrastructure and the oil and gas projects in Libya, will require considerable funding to be executed.  Amar Libya Fund will be one of the key building blocks in the rebuilding of a new Libya, and will act as a catalyst for inward investment for Libya.. The Fund will work closely with the Libyan government on ‘private finance initiative’ (PFI) style deals

The Fund will focus on sectors with the following characteristics: 

  • Significant private and public partnership infrastructure development programmers with sovereignty guarantee.
  • Sectors rich in natural resources like the oil and gas.
  • Real –estate, transports and healthcare.
  • Business has pivotal political and financial relationships.

    The Fund will first focus on real-estate and infrastructures opportunities across the real-estate development value chain. The Fund will target investments with healthy IRR for investors and social impact. The Fund will have a profit promote agreement with ALF Fund Management for sharing of profits above the hurdle rate.

Amar Libya Investment Platform

Amar Libya Investment Platform aims to provide simple, cost effective investment solutions for international and local investors. Providing access to a vast array of investment and development opportunities, funds, banks, investors and the Libyan investment organizations, all in one location, making investing an easy yet secure experience. The platform powered by our partner Gaiasoft’s unique tools.

Key features include:

  • Automated, simplified and streamlined portfolio of investments opportunities
  • Monitor project status through a “lifecycle.”
  • Built-in “Maturity Model” – bankable project checklist.
  • Real-time reporting of financials and progress.
  • Real-time aggregated portfolio results.
  • Evidence, accountability audit trail for peace of mind.
  • Faster, better, cheaper oversight and better results.
  • Manage the progress of each project towards bankability.
  • Faster decision-making for adaptive management.
  • Prevent & mitigate risks with personal accountability.