Al Omran Philosophy

Our philosophy “Economic and Social Value Creation” Its Distinguished by their dual value creation. Al Omran business model has the following characteristics:
• It Uses business as tools to achieve economic and social objectives.
• It Blends social and commercial capital.
• It Generates income from commercial activities while having a positive social impact.
• It Market-driven and mission-led.
• It Measures financial and social impact performance.
• It Meets investors’ financial goals in ways that contribute to the public good.

Key Strengths

Al Omran is a Libyan and Uk based company. The company’s main objective is to assist Libya in the building of world-class infrastructure by applying its expertise in planning, design and construction management. The company will be a catalyst for inward investment into Libya through its joint venture partnerships.
The Al Omran team has a strong record of working closely with local and international investors and developers delivering high quality services. Always ready to partner companies and investors interested in realising the New Libya.

Al Omran has the following immediate competitive advantages:

• Strong contacts at government level with the emerging new leadership of Libya.
• Access to business & investment opportunities and projects.
• Local and national knowledge.
• Outstanding staff expertise at executive management level.
• A number of visionary projects, including the two billion US dollars, new city project ‘Lebda Resort City’ near Tripoli. Pre-feasibility studies and conceptual master planning are completed.
• Staff with a track record of implementing large scale real estate projects.

In short, Al Omran has the local connections and the competency to deliver shareholder value.